Humidty, Humectants and Dew Point: Curly Hair

My favorite curly hair website has this to say about when to use Humectants or Anti Humectants, what they are, what humidity is vs. dew point, etc. There are even some product suggestions. I’ve found this information EXTREMELY helpful.

Remember, Vegetable Glycerine (about $9 at Whole Foods) can always be added to your favorite conditioner to give it Humectant qualities without you having to find and buy a new product! And if your hair “doesn’t like” this product, It’s good for many other things including sweetening food as well as softening and moisturizing your skin. Make sure if you are to consume this product that you have Food Grade Vegetable Glycerine first.

Here are the links to the articles, they are long but the information they contain is priceless!

Humidity, Humectants and Dewpoint

Humidity, Humectants and Hair

Peas and Hominy!


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