To "Cone" or Not to "Cone" Silicone Usage vs. CG

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been natural and I must admit.. when I first started I used only 100% natural products. I spent A LOT of money and although my hair was extremely healthy.. it was never really “together”. I had so much frizz and so many styling issues as I was avoiding silicones and most styling products CONTAINED silicones.

Well, since i’m coming up on my one year anniversary.. I started to feel a bit daring, lol. I’ve been playing around with a few products that aren’t completely CG and I have had fantastic results! My hair has had less frizz than ever and it’s still moisturized, but now it looks good too!

I do have to now occassionally use a low sulfate shampoo but the results, in my opinion, are well worth it.

I feel like a mom whose kid is growing up, I started out soo overprotective at first.. but now i’m learning if I just let me hair alone.. it can do okay by itself.

Just remember, if you aren’t fully CG, you must clarify. Here’s a helpful link. This shows what silicones are in your product and what type of cleansing agent you’ll need to rid your hair of it.

Silicone Information

FYI, I’ve had no problems with build up from the Herbal Essences.

Here is a pic of my hair using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Aveda Be Curly, lately I’ve been using HEHH and Herbal Essences Reconditioning Conditioner.. wonderful, wonderful combination. I do not have pics from that combo yet though.

Curls are clearly moisturized and defined and this is about 80% dry! (ignore the satin scarf! lol, I was trying to lay down the front of my hair for a headband)

And for $3 at everyone’s favorite store.. Target! How can you say no?

Peas and Hominy


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